We are a full service lab and do all of our work here in America! Many labs with prices that can compete with ours outsource to foregin countries. Every product we offer is made in America here in our lab.
Conveniently located in Des Plaines, IL our lab is patient friendly and we encourage you to send your patients to us with their broken dentures for immediate repair, while they wait and then we bill you.
We also have our own drivers. This means your case will not sit on delivery trucks wasting valuable time. Because we have our own drivers, we can also provide same day relines, repairs and even flippers!
We have a staff of well trained and highly experienced technicians- some with over 30 years of experience!
Call today, it will only take a few minutes to tell us what your practice is looking for and we can bring you boxes and lab slips to get you started...the very same day!


For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (847) 375-8670

Delivered Dental Lab, Inc.


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